Wind On Brushes.

All sorts of wind-on rollers can be supplied in all mediums, mostly bristle man-made or phosphor or bronze or wire.

Supplied complete to your specifications, or your shafts covered or your old rollers can be re-fitted.

We can also produce coil and straight strip brush to your specs.

Roller Brushes.

All manner of roller brushes made, including conveyer or belt roller: glass polishing rollers, and carpet rollers, either in wood or synthetic material.

One off's and small batches are our speciality.

We are regular suppliers to the food industry and use food grade materials throughout.

General Industrial Brushes.

We can make and supply circular floor scrubbers, inply or plastic, are another of our specialities.

We can also offer channel brushes for water treatment and sewage, and we create phosphor bronze wire brushes to the adhesive industry.


Stenter Brushes.

Supplied new complete or your existing stenters refurbished.


Punched Split Roller for bakery Applications.


Wire-Drawn Brushes for Bakery Applications.

Pan Set Brushes.

We can now offer Pan Set brushes using pitch, brushes the real old-school way !.

Classic & Vintage Brushes.

Try us for the brushes to complete your restoration.

We can make brushes using authentic materials, pitch set as the originals.

In face, anything, made to your drawing, photo, or sample.

Long Wooden Rollers.

We can make them any size, large or small.

Sprial Wound Strip.

Used in the Water/Wastewater Treatment Industry.

Circular/Disc Type.

Used for cleaning pipes at Hydro Electric Power stations.





Whatever you need we can make with our unique bespoke service, just ask.


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Huddersfield HD8 9JL

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