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​Hilton's ® Industrial Brushes is a Brushmaker's company based in UK.


We manufacture all sorts of Industrial Brushware such as oven band rollers, side dam brushes, Weir & Launder  Brushes, Conveyor Brushes. Rotary Brushes, Water brushes, Strip Brushes, Clarifier Brushes, Headgehog Brushes, Wire brushes, Roller Brushes, Shifter Brushes, Bakery Brushes, whatever you require.

Some of the day to day varieties of brushes at Hilton's Brushes


Yellow brushes drag brushes are for ground keeping.


Squeegee brushes for fire brigade application.


Hedgehog type bootscraper.


Large wooden rollers made complete in house to spread cloths.

Whatever you need we can make with our unique bespoke service, just ask.

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