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Over 150 years of excellence - About Hilton's® Industrial Brushes


Hilton's® Brushes first began trading in the 19th Century. It was started by the Hilton Family in the year 1841. Their vision was to produce unsurpassed quality brushes and services for businesses of all industries.


The expert knowledge and Craftmanship was passed from generation to generation, and has enabled the business to thrive and survive for over 150 years.

We manufacture bespoke unique brushes to the exact specifications of our customers and can manufacture one-off specials or a batch, depending on your needs. Whether the brush is for a street cleaner or a complicated machine on a production line, we can deal with all your brush needs.

If your brushes are a little worse for wear, we can repair those brushes, and replace missing or damaged bristles.

We also produce brushes for various other local and national Brushmakers, and we also ship to businesses worldwide, so why not cut out the middleman and purchase the brushes directly from the manufacturer?

Hiltons® Brushes est 1841 Limited

National Distribution Centre:

Unit 6 

Union Street Business Centre


Huddersfield HD8 9JL

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