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Hilton's ® Professional Brushmakers Since 1841 and still proud to be made in the UK

Hilton's ® Industrial Brushes is a Brushmaker's company based in UK. We manufacture all sorts of Industrial Brushware such as oven band rollers, side dam brushes, floor scrubbers etc., whatever you require.

Bespoke One-offs and small batch work are our specialities, so the brushes we make are to your exact specifications.

We also make brushes for other brushmakers and for businesses worldwide. 

Cut out the middleman by buying direct from us!

We are experts at one- off bespoke fast turnaround brushes of any kind or description

Please contact us to find out more about us and what we can do for you.

Hiltons® Brushes est 1841 Limited


National Distribution Centre:

Unit 6 

Union Street Business Centre


Huddersfield HD8 9JL

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